About us

As the only fusion belly dance, music and dance ensemble in the area, Black Isles can offer a truly unique and memorable show. Comprised of a full band and several stellar dancers, the group works together in creating an engaging and captivating show for a variety of audiences.

While an overwhelming majority of belly dancers perform almost exclusively to recorded music, Black Isles consistently strives to bring diverse audiences the far superior, and highly valuable full-ensemble performance experience.

The musician side of the ensemble is comprised of four multi-instrumentalists. The band plays interpretations of traditional and classical Middle Eastern music, original pieces, and contemporary music suited for fusion dance styles. Their repertoire highlights the Viola and Violin, the Turkish Oud, Acoustic Bass, Classical Guitar, and percussion instruments such as the Arabic Tabla, and more!

Black Isles’ dancers, each with over a decade of belly dance study at their foundation, perform both breathtaking solo performances and present exciting and polished original group choreographies. Our dances feature exciting props such as fan veils, fire, balancing swords, pots and trays, finger cymbals, and even drums on stage. Black Isles presents a show that offers something for everyone!