About us

Black Isles Bellydance combines traditional and contemporary music and dance from around the world.  Fans and audience members of all ages and cultures find the group’s performance intriguing and captivating.  The group performs at festivals and events throughout the Twin Cities and the Midwest.

The musicians of Black Isles Bellydance play traditional instruments such as the oud, melodica, doumbek/darbuka, riq, violin, viola, acoustic guitar, and sitar. As experts, as well as students of their craft, they orchestrate classical arabic tunes specifically for this group of instruments. The musicians truly have a love for music; interpreting and performing tunes from all over the world, including Egypt, India, Turkey, Greece, and many others. 

The dance of Black Isles Bellydance is unique and unforgettable. The group’s dancers embellish on their belly dancing foundation, incorporating other dance styles such as ballet, American Tribal Style, Funkstyle, Hip Hop, and Odissi to create a distinct fusion performance. The ability to create original choreography, that engage and captivate their audience, is where the dancers thrive. Having a multitude of props at their disposal, it is common for many dances to include fans, feathers, swords, vases, veils, zills, drums, and fire.